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Get Involved: Vote Yes For Kids!

We’re excited to announce a BIG opportunity… We will have the chance to Vote YES For Kids on November 3rd! On July 21, the Kalamazoo County Commission voted to place a .1 millage on the ballot for a vote in November to provide funding support for housing families with children who have no place to […]

Vote YES for Kids!

Vote YES for Kids! is a campaign to significantly reduce homelessness for children and their families in Kalamazoo County.  1586 school-age children experienced homelessness during the 2013-14 school year, from every one of the nine school districts in in Kalamazoo County.  The Kalamazoo County Public Housing Commission, chaired by David Anderson, has asked the County Commissioners […]

Transit Millage Voting Information

Get the Facts Before You Vote August 4, 2015 Sunday Buses! Late night buses! That’s what we will get if enough people vote YES for the Aug. 4 Transit Millage. But the ballot language does not mention this! Think of all the places open on Sundays–stores, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, churches, etc.–that people who need the […]

Thank You for this Generous Grant!

The Kalamazoo Community Foundation has given ISAAC a huge compliment by granting us funds to support our social justice work. That shows a deep trust in our process of congregation-based community organizing to build a just community–and a deep trust in the abilities of our Executive Director Dr. Charlae Davis, Community Organizer Vanessa Miller, and […]

YES Vote on KRESA Millage Benefits ALL Our Schoolchildren

Vote YES on May 5 on the KRESA millage! “If approved, this millage will be used by the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency (KRESA) to substantially or fully reimburse school districts for the existing shortage in special education funding. This will improve the funding for ALL our students.” See the letter from ISAAC President & Executive Director, and KPS Superintendent.

ISAAC Education leaders & Transit leaders ask you to vote YES on Proposal 1

A growing number of ISAAC partners are supporting Proposal 1 Editorial: Vote Yes on Prop 1The Detroit News | April 2, 2015For 30 years Michigan has reneged on its responsibility to maintain its basic infrastructure. Instead of providing adequate funding to keep its roads and bridges in good condition, the state pushed off critical transportation investments […]