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Youth Violence Report

Wendy Flora “Abandoned at birth by a father who didn’t want me. Visions of my mother being beaten still haunt me. But I broke my mother’s heart. I was delinquent.  It was frequent,” recited Michael Wilder, telling his story and calling for action against youth violence at the Issues Convention.  Venessa Collins-Smith also shared her story […]

Housing: “Vote Yes for Kids Nov. 3” Report

Tobi Hanna-Davies, Mary Lewis & Ann Perry, Steering Comm. Members Election day is our big chance to change the story for 1200 schoolchildren who are likely to be homeless in Kalamazoo County this school year! Research shows that stable housing is essential to children’s educational achievement, emotional development and physical health. You can make a […]

Early Childhood & Education Report

Rochelle Habeck The need for strengthening early childhood and education was strongly supported at the 2015 ISAAC Issues Convention and is one of three going forward! If you missed it, you can see the video we showed. Join us at our first meeting, Monday night October 26, 7:00 to 8:30 pm at St. Luke’s Church […]

Jobs Presentation Report

Steve Barber The importance of “Jobs” in our world was presented.  “Who you are” is often defined by what you do.  Jobs are connected to a persons self-esteem, self-concept, etc. Unfortunately there are barriers that prevent good people, good workers from getting jobs.  These barriers are misleading, prejudicial and related to assumptions regarding education, commitment, […]

President’s Report

Matt Weiler The energy in the room at this year’s Issues Convention was impressive to say the least. I was particularly delighted to see the positive manner in which the body responded to our adjustment with the voting process. One vote per person and one swift movement with no membership requirements attached only served to […]

Poverty Presentation Report

Andrew Alm The film clip we showed talks about a line that many families struggle to keep themselves above. This line is the poverty line. In Kalamazoo County 17% of households fall below this line. But the poverty line alone does not tell the whole story. To better understand poverty, the United Way developed the ALICE […]

Transportation Report

Rev. Linda MacDonald While public transit is no longer at the center of ISAAC work, the necessity for robust public transportation never lets up. Whether your issue is job creation, addressing poverty, ending racism’s terrible hold on the hearts and minds of you and your neighbors, access to public transit will create significant long term good for everyone in […]