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Anti-Racism Task Force Report

Co-chairs: Andrew Alm & Teleshia Parker The Solution to Racism in America is Taking a Stand for “Anti-Racism!” “The Anti-Racism  Task Force met for the first time on Tuesday October 27th at St. Luke’s downtown, thank you to all who attended. Joining us for our first meeting were Dr. Mundy and Aliisa Lahti from ERACCE, […]

Executive Director’s Report

Dr. Charlae Davis 15 Years of Making a Difference in Kalamazoo! We are excited to announce that next year is our15th anniversary.   It’s been 15 years since, our vision statement was adopted; congregations and organizations first contributed membership dues; and members attended national leadership training November 2015 is now here and it is time for our End-of the-Year Campaign!!!!  There continues to be a compelling need and urgency […]

President’s Report

Rev. Matt Weiler Is it Winnable? Is it winnable? This is a fundamental question that any good to community organizing effort asks before cutting an issue. Thanks be to the housing task force for answering with a confident yes for the “vote yes for kids” which passed this month! Additionally thanks be to the Kalamazoo […]

Hallelujah! Our county voted YES for Kids!

Hundreds of homeless kids in Kalamazoo County will get housing and help for their families over the next six years!  About 1200 kids!  Well done, everybody!  ISAAC played a key role.  Thank you for “putting feet to your faith.” The detailed results of the election are stunning.  More voters said YES than No in every […]

Get the Facts Before You Vote Nov 3

Get the facts before you vote Nov. 3 on the $5/year proposal re homeless schoolchildren Over 1200 school children were homeless in the 9 school districts of Kalamazoo County last year (KRESA data.) Research shows that stable housing is essential to children’s educational achievement, as well as their emotional development and physical health (Kids Count […]

“Race in America” Speaker Ta-Nehisi Coates Here Nov 3

Acclaimed author Mr. Ta-Nehisi Coates will speak on “Race in America” at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation’s Annual Community meeting on Tuesday, November 3, 8:00pm, at Miller Auditorium.  Free admission.  Free parking in the Miller structure.  Doors open at 7:30.  Registration requested.  Kazoo Books will have Mr. Coates’ books there for sale. Come see why Mr. Coates’ books and his […]

Why do we need to talk about racism?

Fernando Ospina and Lillie Wolff Why do we need to talk about racism? First off, when we talk about racism, we are not just talking about how we are as individuals. We’re talking about something bigger than just you and I or us in this room. We’re talking about systemic racism. It’s pervasive. It’s everywhere. […]