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A Vision of Transforming our Community End of Year Appeal

We are seeking to build a world where hope triumphs over fear, where God’s abundance meets the needs of all, where we live in sacred and beloved community.



IMG_2238Fifteen years ago, a core group of clergy, lay people and community members were committed to the hard work of creating a diverse and powerful organization in the Kalamazoo area. A vision statement was adopted. Twenty leaders were sent to National Leadership Training and Congregations began investing money into an organization called Interfaith Strategy for Advocacy and Action in the Community (ISAAC). Today this vision of ISAAC is STILL relevant! As we celebrate our victories and partnerships, we understand that the work cannot stop! There is much to be done and ISAAC is excited to help lead initiatives within our community.

We invite you to contribute an end of the year tax-deductible donation. It’s easy to donate online, or by credit card, checking account or cash. Please visit our website or call, 269-341-4213.

Every donation will help support the vital work for ISAAC.

Thank you!


Your donation helps to transform our community so that justice rolls like a river!

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PageLines- 2015_racial-healing.jpg2015 HIGHLIGHTS


  • Passing of Transit Millage: Sunday service and extended evening hours
  • Passing of Vote YES for Kids Millage: ensured homeless families with children secure, stable housing -1200 kids

Task Forces & Partnerships

  • Ceasefire training at John Jay University and new valuable partnerships
  • Community Early Childhood Policy Issues Discussion
  • Raising Kalamazoo County: Clergy and Community Early Childhood film screenings and discussions
  • Continued work on the housing FUSE (Frequent Users Systems Engagement) project

6443_Rick+EdieCommunity Engagement

  • Largest Annual Banquet
  • Community Listening Campaign
  • Summer Resident Engagement
  • KPS Canvassing: Signing Children up for Lift up through Literacy and PEEP
  • Racial Healing and Action Service: Over 100 people committed to attend ERACCE anti-racism training
  • Issues Convention

What people are saying about ISAAC…

ISAAC serves as a focal point for citizen action, a hotbed of creative thinking and a persistent and competent campaigner for real world undertakings intended to improve and support our community.City Commissioner David Anderson
We share the same vision of “A Vibrant Community Living by Faith.” Together, we are stronger when dealing with issues that need community involvement and support. ISAAC has gained the reputation of being able to actually affect change.Dr. Addis Moore, President of Northside Ministerial Alliance
ISAAC has continually and steadfastly advocated for a better way to address youth violence in the City of Kalamazoo, and were instrumental in garnering our commitment to adopting a “Group Violence Intervention” Model.Chief Jeff Hadley, KDPS
It is important for me to be an ISAAC donor due to the significant work that has been done on behalf of early childhood education.Jacque Eatmon, Former Director, Great Start Collaborative
ISAAC embodies democratic decision-making combined with grassroots, strategic mobilization. ISAAC is working to make Kalamazoo better for all people!State Representative Jon Hoadley
ISAAC is one of the few social justice organizations that actually upholds and practices principles of social justice. ISAAC is no joke, when they say they are working on social justice issues, they are really working on social justice issues.Dr. Charles Warfield, NAACP President

A special thank you to all our funders, donors, membership congregations and organizations, supporters and partners!