We are ISAAC! We are Christians, Jews, Muslims, Unitarians and Non-Religious. We are Black, Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Indigenous, Middle Eastern and White. We are Immigrants. We are suburban, inner-city and rural. We are haves, have-nots, and have-a- little-want-mores. We are bold, tenacious, and we don’t back down. We are Kalamazoo County!

As congregations and organizations, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of a just community. Even now, we are seeking to build a world where hope triumphs over fear, where God’s abundance meets the needs of all, where we live in sacred and beloved community instead of dehumanizing isolation, where the sun of equality has risen, in a land where love endures. We are united across social barriers, organizing so that our common values are reflected in the world we share.

ISAAC is Unique:

Largest faith-based organizing group in Southwest Michigan, with over 20 member congregations & organizations!

Most racially and religiously diverse organizing group in Kalamazoo.

Connected to a state-wide network, Gamaliel of Michigan, an organization with members in Detroit, Saginaw, Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, and Lansing.

The only organizing group in Kalamazoo connected to a national organization. ISAAC is an affiliate of Gamaliel Foundation, the fastest growing organizing network in the nation.

What is ISAAC?

ISAAC is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization supported by foundations, membership dues, grass-roots fundraisers, and individual contributors like you. ISAAC is a faith-based community organizing group made up of congregations and organizations that united in order to accomplish what cannot be done as individuals or single congregations. Together, we focus our collectivfirmede people-power on the most pressing issues of injustice in Kalamazoo County.

Every two years, hundreds of members from the congregations assemble to vote on the most pressing issues of injustice in Kalamazoo County. They form task forces that identify the root cause of and possible solutions for those injustices. The leaders engage in direct actions that call for public officials ”elected and appointed” to commit to use their powers to remedy the situation. Then, we hold the officials accountable to their commitments.