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Amazing Endowment Growth!

Do you remember a year ago when we were jubilant that we surpassed the $50,000 necessary for our Endowment to generate interest income for ISAAC? Now, thanks to amazing support for our work to get local “policies and practices infused with love, hope, equity and abundance”, our Endowment has more than doubled!! Our Endowment fund value, including interest from our “socially responsible” investments, has grown to almost $125,000!

One of the generous donors who made this amazing growth happen is Dr. Carolyn Heineman. She describes her reasons for giving to ISAAC this way:

“I see my gift as an act of not only community healing, but an act of reparation. I don’t see the donation as something ‘special’–I see it as my obligation. Coming from humble roots, it never occurred to me that I would ever have enough resources to do something like this. But here I am. I’m realizing that it’s time to channel some of my privilegedly-accumulated resources into my community. And going forward, I will continue to look for portions of my resources that I can use to add to the power of our community change agents.”

Thank you to each of you who has given to our Endowment in 2020, and over the past 3 years since it was first created. Every gift inspires others.

We are deeply grateful for every donation of “time, talent and treasure.” Together we are building the Beloved Community that is so badly needed.

If you’d also like to make a gift that will sustain ISAAC for years to come, go to Kalamazoo Community Foundation at and put “ISAAC Endowment Fund” in the space to “Search for a Specific Fund.”
Or, please make your check (or your tax-free Charitable Distribution if you are at least 70 ½ and have an Individual Retirement Account) to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, and designate it for “ISAAC Endowment Fund” and mail it to:

Kalamazoo Community Foundation
402 E. Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

* “Policies and practices infused with love, hope, equity and abundance” are the words of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther KIng, Jr. describing “the Beloved Community, where every single person is held as beloved.”

Tobi Hanna-Davies, VP for Communications