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Anti-Racism – Come vote on Oct. 29

The ISAAC Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF) is excited to present at the Issues Convention on the work we’ve done over the past two years. We’ve been integrally involved in partnership with other organizations to develop workshops around the work of Cradle Kalamazoo for our faith communities, to facilitate Racial Healing Circles in our member congregations, and to advocate for humane immigration reform and more to our elected officials. We have also engaged to further our own racial healing, self-transformation, awareness and context of racism including workshops and sessions with TRHT, ERACCE and Matt Smith (Local Redlining Presentation).

Our task force has been reflecting deeply on how structural racism interweaves with every element of policy and practice changes that ISAAC is pursuing. Also, how structural racism serves as glue to hold ongoing harm in place within our community institutions, our congregations, organizations and our own network. Without an effort to dismantle structural racism parallel to our other task forces, social justice work around policy and practice changes have a much steeper hill to climb.

And, ARTF has been identifying how much work remains to dismantle racism in our community! We feel challenged by the disparities, hatred and violence in our nation and community; and we feel hopeful about both the remarkable people who join us in this work, and the progress we’ve made. This is indeed a marathon relay, and not a sprint.

So, we’re requesting and hoping that you will join us at the Issues Convention on Tuesday, October 29. We really need and want everyone there, and for everyone to vote. And, we earnestly request your support and VOTE for our Anti-Racism Task Force to continue for the next 2 years. (Please!) There’s still so much to do.

– Dr. Carolyn Heineman & Dr. Charlae Davis, ARTF