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Anti-Racism News

img_8114-1Last month the Anti-Racism Task Force voted to direct our focus towards racial disparities surrounding jobs in the Kalamazoo area. After listening to many leaders in our community, the task force felt that we would have the most impact in this area. Our vision for the public meeting on October 6th is to ask businesses to commit to anti-racism training. This will be the first step towards our goal of making Kalamazoo County more equitable in terms of jobs and employment. We are now working on planning the details of the public meeting, along with long-term goals and strategies to be effective and impactful as we move forward.

The next task force meeting is scheduled for September 20th, 6:30pm at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. We encourage all those would want to take part to join us.

We also encourage you to plan to be at the Summit on Racism on Nov. 18. It’s free and open to the public, but you must register: SHARE (Society for History and Racial Equity)

– Andrew Alm & Teleshia Parker, Co-Chairs