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Anti-Racism Task Force News

FullSizeRenderTeleshia Parker & Andrew Alm, co-chairs

Last month the Anti-racism Task Force met with Jacob Pinney-Johnson from SHARE. The Society for History and Racial Equity (SHARE) is a Kalamazoo organization that explores the history of racism in Kalamazoo, along with organizing events such as the annual Summit on Racism, The Underground Railroad Tour , and monthly Community Discussions on Race.

Education is a large component of the work SHARE does, and it is a good reminder of the importance of education in tackling racism. In 2012 the Southern Poverty Law Center, published a report called “Teaching The Movement.” In this report, each state was given a grade on their curriculum on Civil Rights education–Michigan received a 15/100. One large reason for such a low grade was the lack of any civil rights education in state curriculum until high school. As we move forward in our journey in making Kalamazoo a more just and anti-racist community, we must ask ourselves, is our educational policy supporting our work?

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