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Be there October 25! ISAAC 2022 Virtual Public Meeting

Please save October 25 at 6:30, and spread the news!  Our presence in large numbers gives candidates for election and other community leaders the support they need to take new steps to build the Beloved Community!

The ISAAC Public Meeting only happens on even-numbered years close to the November election, when candidates want us to know what they stand for.  This year it will be on the evening of October 25 at 6:30 pm, on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.  Everyone is invited–everyone who cares about Anti-Racism, Housing, and Gun Violence Prevention! 


20 years ago ISAAC was officially founded:

  • In the fall of 2002, the ISAAC founding congregations held a “Covenant Celebration” where they pledged to work together to build the Beloved Community;
  • Then they got busy–holding our first Listening sessions to understand the community’s needs, 
  • And our first Issues Convention to choose the top three priorities and create task forces to work on them, 
  • And our first ISAAC Public Meeting, in the fall of 2003, to ask candidates to work on public policy changes that would build the Beloved Community.  

As a result, ISAAC has had a profound impact.  ISAAC’s vision and faithful advocacy have led to major improvements in public policies and practices, especially in housing, early childhood education, public transportation, violence intervention, and anti-racism. 

Come see what we can do together next!  We have grown from 12 congregations in 2002 to 30 member congregations and organizations in 2022!  On October 25 we will share our vision of the next steps we can accomplish together to build the Beloved Community.  Be there on October 25!

Special THANKS to First United Methodist Church, Greater Faith Empowerment Center, Mount  Zion Baptist Church, and Westwood United Methodist Church for taking turns displaying our 20’ banner inviting the whole community to join us on October 25.   And THANKS to every member congregation and organization with space for displaying our purple yard signs!


2018 ISAAC Banner in front of Mt. Zion.

2022 Banner ready to go up!