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Beloved Community Walk/Run!

There won’t be an ISAAC Banquet this year, BUT stay tuned for more information!

Coming in June of 2018 will be the ISAAC Beloved Community Walk/Run: Moving Towards Justice.

The Beloved Community is an inclusive, democratic reality that while not devoid of conflict, is free of violence. It is a place in which our deepest values of abundance, equity, community, hope, and most of all love are infused into our policies and practices so that every person is held as beloved.

This event will include a Walk/Run of 3.1 miles and also 1 mile for our youth, elders (in age) or anyone who desires a shorter distance. This walk/run is open and inclusive for community members using wheelchairs, walkers and strollers. After the walk/run there will be community fellowship with food, music, singing, drumming and performances from social justice, cultural and faith communities. There will also be vendors to promote connections and awareness to businesses, agencies, social justice organizations, health institutions, and faith communities. This is an event for all ages and all community members.