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BLOCKS Club, GVI and Urban Alliance – Men’s/Bros Renewal Retreat

As this team of dedicated heroes continue their work, it has become clear that they too need support and renewal. The work is taxing and meaningful. When the stakes are high, so must the support be. One of those supports is a retreat that centers wellness, learning and exposure as core outcomes.

A special thank you to KZCF/TRHT, ISAAC and Urban Alliance for making this awesome renewal retreat possible. A heartfelt thank you to Tim Terrentine, Translator’s Consulting Group, LLC, and Floyd Matthews, Urban Alliance. 

I loved the retreat and the few things I got out of it was team building, purposed living, Clifton strengths. I really look forward to future building with more kings more often!  – Dontray Hemphill Sr., BLOCKS Club Lead

My joyous experience with The Bro Retreat Wellness was something I recommend for all my Bros to do. The experience taught me that we were created to Love & Respect one another on all levels. To uplift, support, and learn from one another. Love & Communication was taught and well received. – Michael Monroe, GVI Street Outreach Worker