There will be Child Care, staffed by certified caregivers, at the Banquet on May 6!  Would childcare at the banquet make it possible for you to come? Please pre-arrange it by calling the ISAAC office, 269-341-4213, right away.  We need to know ahead the number and ages of children coming so we have enough childcare staff and age-appropriate activities.

So far we have a family with two children under 10 years old and a family with three under 6 years old.  There will fun activities for them in a nearby, separate room from 5:30-8:30 pm. The cost is on a sliding scale.  Families need to pack a meal for their children and are welcome to send books or games their own children would like to use.

A special thank you to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church for their certified childcare staff and generous help with arrangements.

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