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Dr. Michael Eric Dyson at “ISAAC Virtual Banquet” and YEAR END Giving Invitation!

Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson was our amazing keynote speaker at “ISAAC Virtual Banquet” on Thursday evening November 11. He was in huge demand because of his new book just out, but he fit his keynote speech for ISAAC in between his multiple TV and radio interviews!

Here are some video clips of Dr. Dyson’s inspiring talk for ISAAC:

Here are direct quotes about Dr. Dyson from Beloved Community Members, White Allies, Black and Brown Individuals who wrote in the Facebook and YouTube chats as he spoke:

· So many jewels!
· Salute!!
· Thank you for the Sermon Dr. Dyson!!
· Beautiful ISAAC the Soul and Justice of Kalamazoo!!!
· Such a beautiful, inspiring night!
· Telling the truth for sure
· I love this man
· What a gift to hear this man speak
· What a scholar
· Honored to be a part of the beloved community. Thank you Rev. Dr. Dyson
· Michael Dyson is a brilliant man with amazing insight, and not afraid to say it out
· This was amazing
· The reality of everything Dr. Dyson is saying is so frightening, so sad, and SO TRUE
· This was inspiring. Inspired to keep speaking up and doing the work in Kalamazoo
and more.
· He definitely didn’t mix any words in his message. I could have listened to him for
an hour more. Let’s continue forward on the long journey ahead of us.
· Get ready Kalamazoo, action will be the only outcome from what Dr. Dyson will
share with us.