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The work of Justice is believing in something, even if it means sacrificing everything!
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We in ISAAC, being people of faith and consciousness, are called to stand up for peace, equity, love & justice! We stand unafraid and united! The work continues until every individual in our community is held as beloved.

Our ISAAC Covenant

We enter into a covenant agreement.
We enter into a deep promise
We promise to love justice and pursue it.
As congregations and organizations, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of a just community. Even now, we are seeking to build a world where hope triumphs over fear, where God’s abundance meets the needs of all, where we live in sacred and beloved community instead of dehumanizing isolation, where the sun of equality has risen, in a land where love endures.
We journey toward a promised land. A journey hallowed by the blood, sweat, tears, prayers, and witnesses of our ancestors. We covenant ourselves to honor their toil, standing in evidence that it was not in vain.
In all these things, the pursuit of justice, the journey toward a promised land, a path hallowed and well-worn, we covenant ourselves to working together. We stand together, acknowledging that the journey will be rough, but refusing to let that stop us from forging onward.
Together, we raise our collective voice demanding liberty and justice for all! Together, we raise our banners and fit them together to form ISAAC. We are committed to working together in order to reap the promise of a land of righteousness and peace. In working together, we will be the world we desire to create.
We enter into a covenant agreement.
We enter into a deep promise.
We promise to love justice and pursue it.

– Elder Doug King, President and Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director