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Executive Director’s Message: New Family Members!

We would like to welcome Church Women United (CWU) to the ISAAC Family! CWU is a nationally known organization with a local chapter in Kalamazoo Michigan dedicated to Economic Justice, Justice, Environmental Care and Health. Under the leadership of Dora Mann, President; Terri Benton-Ollie and Adele Paxson, Membership Co-Chairs; Janet Nichols, Secretary; and Catharine Sturdivant, Spiritual Chaplain, CWU is a historic Christian grassroots movement of women who share a vision of unity and prayerful action; gifted with diversity of race, economics, age, culture and theology that continues to expand. CWU is a wonderful fit with ISAAC as they focus on advocacy and action!

Nationwide, Church Women United has been building the Beloved Community since 1941. And you can tell, when you walk into our local Church Women United meetings, that they’ve succeeded at creating the kind of warm unity-in-diversity relationships needed to transform our community.

Click on for more about their impressive work nationwide.

We look forward to learning from Church Women United and building the Beloved Community together.

How far have we come towards realizing the Beloved Community? Looking at our segregated worship services, noting the rising violence and continued discrimination against racial, religious and other minorities and realizing the recent national transitions, we could say we are not as far as we ought to be and there is danger of moving backwards. But, there’s still time… Join us this year as we Become the Beloved Community!

If you are interested in learning more about ISAAC’s Beloved Community and our work or having ISAAC visit your Organization, Justice Team or Congregation for an informational session, please email: or call: 269-341-4213.

– Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director