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Food Assistance is at Risk

The Anti-Poverty Task Force is committed to working with state and federal legislators to continue to provide much needed benefits, such as food assistance, to low-income people as they become self-sufficient so they will no longer need benefits.

Thus we need to maintain the current level of assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) by voicing our opposition to the proposed changes in SNAP by the USDA.  The eligibility guidelines for SNAP are limited to 3 months every 3 years for adults without dependent children unless they can document 20 hours of work.

Currently states can waive this time limit in areas with unemployment rates above 10% and exempt certain individuals from the time limit. We are aware that there are adults in our community who are not able to find stable employment due to mental illness, chronic illness, and/or a criminal history and need these benefits for a longer period of time. The proposed changes decrease the percentage of waivers states can give from 15% to 12% by 2020, which will increase the level of food insecurity in our community.

Tell the Administration: It’s unacceptable to take food away from struggling workers. You can submit your comment through this website.

At this site, there is a prepared comment you can send by adding your name and email address. Comments must be submitted by April 1 at 11:59 PM.

– Dr. Regena Nelson, Anti-Poverty Task Force co-chair with Nicholas Baxter