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Get the Facts Before You Vote Nov 3

Vote YES for Kids logoGet the facts before you vote Nov. 3 on the $5/year proposal re homeless schoolchildren

  1. Over 1200 school children were homeless in the 9 school districts of Kalamazoo County last year (KRESA data.) Research shows that stable housing is essential to children’s educational achievement, as well as their emotional development and physical health (Kids Count Data Book 2015.)
  2. Over the 6 years of the millage, 600 families will get partial rent subsidy and personal coaching with a focus on income and budgeting to bring the family into long-range stability.
  3. A local housing nonprofit will run the program under contract with the Public Housing Commission and will report to the community annually.
  4. On your Nov. 3 ballot it’s called the Kalamazoo County LOCAL HOUSING ASSISTANCE FUND Millage.
  5. $5.85/year is the cost to the average household in the county. $5 per year is the cost of the millage for a house with a market value of $100,000 ($50,000 taxable value.)
  6. Endorsers include Kalamazoo Public Schools, Kalamazoo City Commission, Kalamazoo Regional Educational Services Agency (KRESA), First Congregational Church, St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Westwood United Methodist Church, NAACP, ISAAC and many other organizations and countywide community leaders listed at

Please turn out to vote on November 3! Polls are open 7:00 am – 8:00 pm.