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Getting ready for the Public Meeting!

img_8382Our task forces and their subcommittees have spent many hours discerning what policies and practices, based on our shared faith values, to advocate at the October 6 Public Meeting.

Huge thanks to all the task force members who have given their time to this process all year, and to all the community leaders who have given them interviews to help discern priorities. These photos show just a few moments of the task forces’ work.

On October 6, we’ll see lively presentations on why they chose these specific priorities and who stepped up to partner in this work:

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  • Anti-Racism – Supporting business leaders willing to take anti-racism training and who will hire community members who have felt isolated in the process of finding employment
  • Early Childhood & Education – Building the community’s capacity to respond effectively to children and their families who face traumatic stress
  • Youth Violence Prevention – Advocating for legislation that supports common sense gun laws
  • Youth Violence Prevention – Expanding our community organizing and leadership training for youth to be “Future Leaders for Peace.”

Thank you, task force members!