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Gun Violence PREVENTION (not Control)

After more than 40 years of strategic lobbying and candidate support, the gun lobby has managed to repeal most every law in state legislatures (and weaken Federal legislation) that had anything at all to do with access to firearms and where they can be carried. In Michigan if you decide to purchase a handgun, not very much will stand in your way unless you are flagged on a background check (at a Federally licensed dealer) with a domestic violence charge, a drug conviction or other felony. That would not be the end of it, for if you want a gun in the United States there are many ways to get one without anyone checking out anything about you. And there is always the internet. All in all, procuring a firearm and ammunition is easy. And that’s what has made our communities less safe. This situation has led to an increase in “security” companies marketing “active shooter” drills and “training” to community groups from churches, to art museums, and particularly to schools. We are being asked to expect the worst because state and federal legislators are beholden to the gun lobby.

BUT we do not need to live this way and we should not be expected to just put up with gun violence.


JOIN A GROUP: Moms Demand Action and Coalition for Common Ground

TEXT: CHECKS to 644-33 to get on board to act.


SEPTEMBER 14 at the Bank Street Farmers Market – stop by our table from 7am-1pm.

Pick up info – register to vote – learn –act


  • Moms Demand Action Kalamazoo – 2nd Wednesday mornings 10:30am or 4th Wednesday evenings 6:30p at First United Methodist Church of Kalamazoo
  • Coalition for Common Ground – 4th Mondays 5:30pm at First Presbyterian Church of Kalamazoo

CALL YOUR LOCAL MICHIGAN STATE REPRESENTATIVE and ask them to urge the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on these two bills:

  1. HB 4497-4498  Disarming persons under a court order at first misdemeanor domestic violence charge. Bipartisan support for the bill. Introduced by R-Daire Rendon (Lake City), a member of the Judiciary Committee.
  2. HB 4383-4284   Red Flag bills. Provides for removal of firearms for a limited time at request of family, friends, law enforcement, through court order. States with this legislation have seen decreases in suicide rates.

COME TO THE SUMMIT ON TRAUMA AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ON OCTOBER 2.  This link will take you to the event happening at the Delta Marriott Center on 11th Street.

– Rev. Linda MacDonald, Coalition for Common Ground, and founding co-president of ISAAC