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Housing Task Force will advocate for…

How can we meet everyone’s need for a place to call home?

Excellent work to increase the supply of affordable housing is being led by the City of Kalamazoo, in collaboration with many partners.  Where does ISAAC fit in?  Our Housing Task Force is most concerned about families with children, and others with very low incomes.   “Affordable” means spending no more than 30% of your income on housing. “Affordable” for people with only 30% of our Area Median Income (AMI) is very different from “affordable” for people with 60-80% of AMI.

At the ISAAC Public Meeting on October 25, the Housing Task Force will present several ways that our wider community can come closer to meeting everyone’s need for a place to call home—especially “the least of these.”

– Tobi Hanna-Davies & Stephanie Hoffman, Housing Task Force co-chairs