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ISAAC Family & Friends Breakfast

There was a lot of laughter, a wonderful crowd, and a delicious buffet at the ISAAC Breakfast on December 5. Elder King started all the laughs by reminding everyone giving a testimonial that when the governor spoke at an ISAAC Public Meeting, he was the timekeeper, she exceeded her time, and he sat her down!

Below are great photos of the Breakfast by Amy Peterson—just click on any of the photos to enlarge them. Here are some highlights of the testimonials:

Ms. Wendy Fields – I’m a GEM!  I became involved through my former pastor, Dr. J. Louis Felton. What caused me to be a GEM (Give Every Month) was the testimonials last year, and because I was shocked and taken aback that Dr. Charlae in her humility, sometimes did not take a paycheck!  Imagine skipping a paycheck!  I don’t waste my time with organizations that are not doing the work.  Kudos to you, Dr. Charlae and everyone.  Become a GEM!

Deacon Joe Schmitt – I’ve been part of ISAAC since the naming process.  I was the first treasurer, so I know that they use money frugally and effectively.  I know I can’t do the work of justice alone.  I tried that.  But together it’s much more fun and much more effective.

Mr. John Davis – I’m a kid at heart.  “Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings… fighting a never-ending battle for truth and justice.”  ISAAC does that!

Mrs. Carolyn Davis – I’m new to Kalamazoo but not to community engagement.  When I saw what ISAAC did, I asked my husband, “Are we GEMs?”  And so we are.

Mrs. Betty Lujan Roberts – Thank you to ISAAC for being in this community.  It is the epitome of interaction.  It brings everyone together.

Mr. Arthur Roberts – Betty and I are major donors because of how great ISAAC is.

Rabbi Simone Shicker – My congregation feels participation is ISAAC is incredibly important. Deuteronomy 15:11 says, “There will never cease to be poor and needy in the land, therefore I command you to open your hand to the poor and needy.”  I charge you to be givers.

Dr. Santiago – In my clan, when men speak, it’s known that it’s on orders of our mothers and grandmothers.  I speak on orders of my wife, Dr. Hyter.  Southwest Michigan has the largest wealth gap in the state.  Our poverty level is the 4th or 5th worst in the US. This is not just about civil rights, but economic rights. We need to fund the projects that spread the wealth.

Rick Welch gave a testimonial about becoming an Endowment Fund donor.  See his words in the article “Big progress on our Endowment!”

Elder King, referring to John Davis’ comments about Superman, invited up our “Superwoman” Dr. Charlae Davis, who got a standing ovation as she came up.  She talked about the story of Esther, that she had studied to give a talk at Wesley Foundation, and how we, like Esther, are here for a time such as this. (See her message above.) She had everyone at our tables hold hands and gently squeeze while we responded, “We are here for a time such as this.”

Dr. Charlae invited up Ben Jamieson, who thanked everyone for their prayers and said his  “halo” to immobilize his broken neck comes off January 10 if all goes well. It meant a lot to him before his surgery to know he had “billions of prayers.”

Elder King thanked Pat Davis of “Davis Delectables and Designs” for the wonderful food, and everyone for their generous support of time and monetary donations. He ended with a call to action:  “Esther said, ‘If I perish, I perish, but I’m going to go and see the king.’ That’s what ISAAC does.  The work for justice is too important for us not to press forward.  We have a goal of $50,000 for our Endowment.  We’re people of faith.  We’re going to make it.”

– Tobi Hanna-Davies, VP for Communications