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Join Us For Our Beloved Community ISSUES CONVENTION

We are blessed to announce that on Tuesday August 13th, ISAAC’s Leadership Board Representatives voted unanimously “Yes” on the recommendation from our Executive Committee to continue the ISAAC Housing Task Force with TRHT (Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation) for the next 2 years without a 2019 Issues Convention vote. ISAAC will be contracted to do this work with TRHT. The ISAAC Housing Task Force & TRHT will still present at the ISAAC Issues Convention this year for accountability to the community of their past and present work.

This is not to say that the housing issues in Kalamazoo are more pertinent than other task force issues or social justice issues–this is acknowledging that the partnership with TRHT will resource the Housing Task Force in a way to significantly build its capacity to make positive change within the community. To learn more about TRHT:

Here is the ISAAC Leadership Board on August 13 when this decision was made.

YOU’RE Invited! We need YOU and YOUR Vote!

Save The Date – ISAAC Issues Convention

Tuesday, October 29th

6:30 Register, 7pm Program

Westminster Presbyterian Church–We would like to send a special thank you to Rev. Jerry, Rev. Janet and the Westminster family!

 What does this mean for our Issues Convention?

  • We need your help in planning for Issues Convention Presentations. Join us for our September 10th Leadership Board Meeting, 7pm, at First Congregational Church to help plan presentations.
  • On October 29th, we will be voting for ONLY 2 issues this year. We will not vote on more than 2 issues as ISAAC’s capacity cannot allow this. To engage in meaningful policy work ISAAC will only vote on 2 issues with Housing being the third.
  • ONE MORE TIME 🙂 We will NOT vote on more than 2 issues on October 29th.
  • If ISAAC does not take the lead on an Issue, please know that there will be work pushing this issue forward in the community by other organizations and you are welcome to support that work.

WE are in this TOGETHER! Just a gentle reminder:

  • During such a frightening and polarizing time, WE are modeling the Beloved Community in faith and democracy in our Issues Convention. Community members are looking to us as an example.
  • As people of justice and faith, we do not compare social justice oppressions nor compete for the worst injustice. All injustices are wrong. All are important. All are urgent. But ISAAC cannot work on all Issues simultaneously.
  • Whatever issues are not chosen, though not part of ISAAC’s 2-year priorities, work on these issues will still continue and we invite you to support that work community wide.

We look forward to this season and to enjoying the fellowship and love as we Build the Beloved Community during our Issues Convention!

In Unity,

Elder King, President, and Dr. Davis, Executive Director