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MLK event “Moving Like Kings” – Brother Ed Genesis and Brother Don Hemphill

…Moving Like Kings!, we held an event this weekend at the Black Arts & Cultural Center & it was up! Great vibes, great food, great Artists & a great time to represent being Black. The Moving Like Kings is a nod to the letters MLK which of course is for the trailblazer & Civil Rights pioneer, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. but also ALL of our ancestors who paved so many ways. It is imperative that we continue the fight which has not yet been won…this is just one of our ways of lifting up voices from the Community, Shout Out (S/O) to Supreme Levels Music Group & the Blocks United initiative, S/O to my Bro Mr. Dontray Hemphill, S/O to ISAAC & my Sis Dr. CM Davis for constantly supporting & having our back, S/O to my Bro Gabriel Giron & Speak It Forward, Inc. for supporting & seeing the vision, S/O to my Bro Mr. Yafinceio Beyohuckleberry for hosting the event S/O to my Bro Mr. Longway RunIt Tf Up for the great food & to my Bro Splurge On Davins for coming out to capture it all  & S/O & Salute to ALL of the Artists that came & represented , Pway Bug, Sherridan Harris, Alexis Plair, Fëddy Khidd, Fenco Montana, Mookie Lafamilia, JD Solo’Dolo, DK Morris on the Saxophone & S/O to DJ Playhouse Adam Baylis for bringing the music & holding it down

Thank you to the Black Arts for allowing the space to put this on. #BlackHistoryIntheMaking, #MLK #MovingLikeKings, #SupremeLevels

– Fin. Gen Almighty (Ed Genesis)