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Powerful 20th Anniversary Public Meeting!

October 25th was our 2022 Public Meeting and the 20th Anniversary of the ISAAC Covenant Celebration held by our founding congregations in the fall of 2002.  You can watch the entire video below or you can choose specific sections–each part is inspiring!

Please note some respondents may have used on-screen emojis to commit to an ask and those may not be captured below. 

These are personal commitments (not deliberations) given before the Public Meeting. Elected Officials have the option to accept or not. 

Link to YouTube video of Oct. 25 ISAAC Public Meeting: 

Public Meeting 2022 Agenda 


6:30pm – Recordings: Voting, Sponsors & Slide Show 0:00

7:05pm – 20th Anniversary Reading 34:55 

7:10pm – Opening, Beloved Community Quote and ISAAC Member Congregations and Organizations 41:18

7:16pm – Welcome to Public Officials, Leaders and Community 46:35 

7:19pm – Public Meeting Purpose Statement & Task Force Presentations 47:58 

7:25pm – Gun Violence Prevention Presentation & Asks 52:12

7:40pm – Anti-Racism Task Force Presentation & Asks  1:17:22

7:55pm – Housing Task Force Task Force Presentation & Asks 1:53:22

8:10pm –Voting November 8 2:25:13 

8:19pm – Closing Song and Words 2:27:09