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President’s Message – May 2016

Doug King2I’ve been involved in ISAAC for a number of years and our name wasn’t very well known when I first started but that’s certainly not the case now. The ISAAC name is now being spoken in many areas of the community. Now when you say you’re from ISAAC, people respond affirmatively and say that they’ve heard a lot of good things about the organization. ISAAC continues to be at the forefront of the Social Justice work in Kalamazoo and beyond. Now the community comes to us for many things simply because of the good name and positive reputation that ISAAC has established. A lot of people both past and present have worked extremely hard to help ISAAC become the great organization that it is today.

Now you don’t have to always describe what each letter in our name means, all you have to do is say ISAAC and people understand who we are and what we do. ISAAC continues to flourish under our current Executive Director, Dr. Charlae Davis, as well as all of the volunteer leaders that play such a vital role. So please, if you haven’t tried ISAAC lately, then you don’t know ISAAC. Come and be a part of this outstanding community organization that simply works to help create justice for everyone.

– Elder Doug King, Pastor of Grace Covenant Ministries