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President’s Message: Spring has Sprung!

Winter is often characterized as a dry and barren season. It is a season where it appears that not much is growing because on the outside things look pretty barren. Even those who enjoy the winter, look forward to a season that brings warmth, sunshine and new growth. A season, where it seems like everything is blooming brightly and growth is at its premium. Well, social justice work often feels like it’s in a long winter season, where not much is happening and it seems like no progress is being made. It often feels cold and barren and perhaps no new growth will ever happen. Nevertheless, I want you to know that even springtime comes in our work for social justice. I/we are all waiting with bated anticipation for the new growth of freedom, fairness and equity. Even though it may feel like change will never come, we must realize that we are not led by our emotions, but we are led by a deep-rooted passion to make our community be the best that it can be. Let us come together with eagerness and excitement that spring (change) is on the horizon, and the city, county, state and country we desire are about to blossom with hope and change for the better. Yes it’s true, ‘Spring has Sprung’ and change is definitely here!

Servant Leader,

Elder Douglas King