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Solidarity With Our Asian Family Members

Racism against our Asian American and Pacific Islander family members is nothing new. History and present day offers painful stories of racism, dehumanization, internment camps, violence and other incidents of covert and overt racism. White Supremacy has painted the false narrative of the Model Minority Myth to create false hierarchies and dissension among People of Color. We at ISAAC stand with our Asian Family members and against hate! As May starts, the celebration of Asian American and Paciific Islander Heritage Month, we are reminded that White supremacy must be dismantled!

We invite you to the View National TRHT Emergency Town Hall: Responding to Anti-Asian Violence:

We hope you were able to join the BLM stands in support of AAPI on May 16th, 3pm at Bronson Park. ISAAC was a proud co-sponsor.

In Unity,
Elder Doug King and Dr. Charlae Davis

Please view photos from the event: