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Stop Voter Suppression! Add Your Voice

The Anti-Racism Task Force has responded to voting rights opportunities and threats by mobilizing community members in support of HR 1/S 1, the For the People Act, and HR 4, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and against the 39 voter suppression bills introduced into the Michigan Senate (SB 273-311).

Stop Voter Suppression Federal and State
Voting rights are under attack in state legislatures, and federal and state level actions are needed. Click Links below to contact our Elected Officials to make your voices heard!


Rep. Upton

Fight Voter Suppression

Senator Stabenow and Senator Peters

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Rep. Julie Rogers and Rep. Christine Morse

Letter 1 – Representative Julie Rogers and Representative Christine Morse

what transpired there, what I recall most is the beautiful hospitality we all received.  Many people from the congregation were there to welcome us as we came in, to assist in all the logistics, to make us comfortable and support the meeting needs.

I also remember hearing Dr. Charles’ words, always spoken with a quiet, firm resolve and a kindness that could be felt.

First Lady Fannie has attended many ISAAC meetings on his and the congregation’s behalf, and brings her sincere and warm participation to them all.  I am always reminded about the deep and continuing impact that Dr. Charles’ ministry and leadership has played and will continue to play in our community and in ISAAC’s work, through his lifelong influence in the development of 3 servant leaders who have provided so much–Dr. Charlae Davis, Elder King, and Bishop Cunningham. Such a deep and enduring and beloved legacy. I trust this brought him joy, to see the qualities that were important to him live on in your leadership.

Still today, when I drive up Mt. Olivet and pass Virginia Avenue, I feel a warm sense of home – that his church is also a home for me.

Thank you,

Rochelle Habeck, People’s Church representative to ISAAC Leadership Board

Rep. Matt Hall and Rep. Beth Griffin

Letter 2 – Representative Matt Hall and Representative Beth Griffin

Senator Sean McCann

Letter 3 – Senator McCann

Speaker Wentworth and Senate Majority Leader Shirkey

Letter 4 – Speaker Wentworth and Senate Majority Leader Shirkey

Lt. Gov. Gilchrist, Democratic Leader Lasinski and Senate Minority Leader Ananich

Letter 5 – Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist, House Democratic Leader Lasinski and Senate Minority Leader Ananich

Michigan’s legislative efforts that roll back access to voting draconian.

  • Senate Bill 285 – will make voters supply a specific type of photo ID to request an absentee ballot (including every person on the permanent absentee ballot list), also removing voters’ ability to request an absentee ballot by mail or online
  • Senate Bill 303 – will require voters to carry a specific type of photo ID with them to vote on Election Day and removes voters’ freedom to sign an affidavit if they do not have the specific ID with them
  • Senate Bill 286 – will remove the ability to return an absentee ballot to a dropbox after 5 pm the day before election day and require voters to return their absentee ballot at their clerk’s office
  • Senate Bill 287 – will require voters to pay to return their absentee ballot by mail by removing prepaid postage on absentee ballots
  • Senate Bill 310 – will ban the freedom to mail voters an absentee ballot application or even to provide voters with a link to the av ballot request webpage
  • Senate Bill 289 – will shift the power to use federal funds earmarked for elections to the legislature instead of the Secretary of State 
  • Senate Bill 290 – will limit who can serve as an election challenger
  • Senate Bill 291 – this removes “filing certain false statements” from the list of election-related felonies, removing accountability from bad actors who spread misinformation to voters

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