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Thank You & Farewell to Pastor Nathan Dannison

Pastor Nathan Dannison has been passionate about justice and mercy in his eight years as Senior Pastor of First Congregational Church, one of the founding members of ISAAC. And all of us in ISAAC already knew he would be, before he even went to seminary, because he was an ISAAC Community Organizer! He worked closely with ISAAC Executive Director Rachael Tanner and Community Organizer Jomil Wells to create our strategy to build the Beloved Community with very effective anti-racism training and relationship building between member congregations.


We will greatly miss Pastor Nathan’s important voice in our community. Just a few of the memories that stand out for us:

  • Serving on the Foundation for Excellence Board and always using his voice to guide funding decisions toward justice and mercy
    Opening his church to people who are homeless, on Sundays and much more, such as giving daytime and overnight shelter for the length of the Polar Vortex in 2019
  • Leading his congregation in creating the Naturescape playspace being developed across from Bronson Park for all children in the community
  • Providing community gathering space at no charge for many local organizations, including the ISAAC Leadership Board meeting every month for many years
  • Offering his time and voice to speak the truth at various ISAAC events focused on racism, equity and justice.

Pastor Nathan, we wish you all the best in the next chapter of your ministry. We know you will continue to inspire others to put our faith values into action in ways that truly matter in building the Beloved Community. Thank you for the passionate leadership you have given to our community.

Pastor Dannison’s Celebration May 2, 2021

Pastor Nathan’s Farewell Video – May 2021 on YouTube