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Thank You Rabbi Schicker for an Awesome Intro to Judaism

Part of cultivating the Beloved Community that Dr. Martin Luther King preached about means learning the importance of self-transformation within our equity work. That way we may work more effectively to transform systems and institutions.  We wanted to send a heartfelt thank you to Rabbi Simone Schicker for an awesome 2-part series: Intro to Judaism for our ISAAC Family. Thank you also to the Temple B’nai Israel Family for their wonderful hospitality.

After the sessions attendees described their experience as: interesting, amazingly delightful, educational, informative, amazing, engaging, delightful, super!  Numerous attendees shared how Rabbi Schicker was a wonderful & engaging teacher!

Some learnings from attendees included:

  • “I learned a lot that I didn’t know”
  •  “I think I understand a bit better about Anti-Semitism”
  •  “History behind many variations of Judaism”
  • “Historical commentaries that Rabbis create from interpretation”
  • “Learned about the difficulty that Jewish people still have with bias and discrimination”
  • “I learned that it’s important to be inclusive of other’s traditions and belief systems when working in groups”
  • “Workshops were both informative as well as transformative.”

Next steps from attendees included:

  • “I hope to avail myself of the more extensive classes in 2020. I can explore the websites and books Rabbi Schicker provided”
  • “I’m thinking about taking the six-week course that is offered at Temple B’nai Israel”
  • “I will keep my eyes open for more workshops and classes”
  • “Being quiet and listening”
  • “Attend a worship service at the Temple “
  • “Find more opportunities for community learning instead of solitary learning”

We look forward to keeping you posted on when Temple B’nai Israel and Rabbi Schicker offer the next six-week Intro to Judaism Course.

In Unity,

Elder Doug King and Dr. Charlae Davis