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The Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, “There Must Be Righteous Resistance Before There Can Be Transforming Reconciliation”

We invite you to listen to Scholar and Clergy, The Rev. Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. His sermon offers an imagined letter from the Apostle Paul to America in a time of crisis. In this sermon, Dr. Dyson discusses racism, bigotry, white supremacy, democracy, US Presidents, exceptionalism, the White Christian Evangelical Church, and the Insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. A special thank you to Retired Captain Stacey Randolph for sharing this powerful video with us.

We want to honor that ISAAC is nonpartisan and that this is a Christian themed sermon given at the Washington National Cathedral. We at ISAAC are interfaith and in no way want to promote one faith over any other, nor exclude those who do not identify as Christian. However, we do feel it is important to speak the truth about white supremacy and its harm as it relates to the religious structure of Christianity.

Dr. Dyson speaks mainly about the Black Experience as it relates to his identity and research studies. We want to honor that other People of Color Communities experience this same institutional racism and we want to lift our Indigenous family members whose land we are on. We want to also lift, as Dr. Dyson mentioned, that white supremacy seriously & gravely impacts our Jewish, Muslim and Brown Immigrant family members as well.

Elder Doug King, ISAAC President and Dr. Charlae Davis, ISAAC Executive Director

Click the link below to view Dr. Dyson’s Sermon: