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Video of our 2019 Annual Report

Such a powerful year we had in 2019!  And so much appreciation for the way we gave the 2019 Annual Report virtually!  

Annual Meeting Opening:

Reading of our ISAAC Covenant

Dr. Pat Stromsta:

We enter into a covenant agreement.

We enter into a deep promise

We promise to love justice and pursue it.

As congregations and organizations, we commit ourselves to the pursuit of a just community. 

Rev. Joslyn Mason:

Even now, we are seeking to build a world where hope triumphs over fear, where God’s abundance meets the needs of all, where we live in sacred and beloved community instead of dehumanizing isolation, where the sun of equality has risen, in a land where love endures. 

Joan Hawxhurst:

We journey toward a promised land. A journey hallowed by the blood, sweat, tears, prayers, and witnesses of our ancestors. We covenant ourselves to honor their toil, standing in evidence that it was not in vain.

Dr. Pat Stromsta:

In all these things, the pursuit of justice, the journey toward a promised land, a path hallowed and well-worn, we covenant ourselves to working together.

Cathy Phason:

We stand together, acknowledging that the journey will be rough, but refusing to let that stop us from forging onward. Together, we raise our collective voice demanding liberty and justice for all!

Rev. Julie Kline:

Together, we raise our banners and fit them together to form ISAAC. We are committed to working together in order to reap the promise of a land of righteousness and peace. 

Adrian Vazquez:

In working together, we will be the world we desire to create.

We enter into a covenant agreement.

We enter into a deep promise.

We promise to love justice and pursue it.

Annual Meeting Recording:

Click the link below for the Video. You may view the Powerpoint in the comment section of this video. 

Annual Meeting Closing – Dr. Charlae Davis:

We want to honor right here and right now that many of us have feelings of anger, fear, uncertainty, isolation, oppression, disparity, segregation, trauma, exhaustion, mourning, loss of hope, and feelings of helplessness.

So now, I want you to think of your faith or consciousness, your loved ones, your support networks, your ISAAC family, and the hope, faith, joy, capacity, connection, movement, and mobilization that comes from your support networks.

Though we are not together I want us to visualize that you are next to your beloved ISAAC family members.

I want you to now visualize, outside of this pandemic, holding your neighbors’ hand and squeezing. I am going to visualize that I am holding the hand of Coach and Ms. Carol and Helen on both sides of me.

If these statements resonate with you, I want you to imagine squeezing the hand of your neighbors to the left and right of you on your Zoom screen.

May we have the courage to speak when our silence is oppressive.

May we tell the truth, listen to the truth and have those difficult conversations.

May we remember that our voice matters and that we can make change through speaking out.

May our anger bring about system changes.

May we listen deeply, be able to sit with discomfort and move into reflection.

May we check the privilege, harm, and bias in our own hearts, words and practices and then continually check them.

May we sit at the table for solutions and not get up from the table.

May we challenge others in love and allow ourselves to be challenged.

May we tell the truth and have those difficult conversations.

May we reach across aisles and beyond our own buildings to engage in sincere relationships.

May we not judge, but first seek to understand.

May we remember we need one another!

May we ask others what they need of us and may we do it.

May we realize that the Beloved Community starts with us.

May we journey on together until all members of our community are held as Beloved.