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ISAAC’s Very Own… Al Dixon’s next book has been published!

After years of writing and re-writing, I finally got my book published! It is titled “Gus.” The story of a young boy pulled away from the life he enjoyed in Chicago to a place he knew nothing about. He also meets the grandfather he has never seen, and an immediate conflict starts. Feeling like all is lost, he is befriended by a goose named Gus. His life changes!

This story was an idea that started years ago when my twin boys spent the summer with their grandmother in North Carolina. Listening to their stories and adding my adventures in Chicago, I came up with the story of a young boy raised by a single parent as my brother and I were. With gangs very prominent in our lives, we were shipped off to Michigan. Combining all this, I created my composite of Bobby. As for Gus, he was created to be a catalyst to provide Bobby with a path, and being a goose, he would be the most unusual messenger.

This book will be out in Barnes and Noble, Amazon and I-tunes.

  • Al Dixon, Anti-Racism Co-Chair and St. Barnabas Leadership Board Representative