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Anti-Racism Task Force News

20151205_153154Teleshia Parker & Andrew Alm, co-chairs

How do you define racism? Having a common definition and language for racism is vital to being able to effectively organize as a task force. With the help of ERACCE, we recognize racism as “race prejudice in combination with the misuse of power within systems and institutions.” In this light, it is policy and practices within institutions which will be our focus. This common definition helped us further organize the task force’s collective ideas which we may pursue as our work continues. Dr. Davis led us in developing one-on-one skills which we practiced during our meeting. Join us! Tuesday, December 15th, 6:30 at St. Luke’s.

Interested in anti-racism training?

Please check out these trainings and dates, then email to let the ISAAC office know which one(s) you’d like to take:
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[/su_list] ISAAC may have funds to help you go to training.