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Early Childhood & Education Task Force News

IMG_1947Rochelle Habeck & LaShana Jones, co-chairs

This group is on the move! On November 17th many of our task force members participated with over 40 others in a very successful Community Policy Discussion on Early Childhood. ISAAC partnered with United Way, County Health & Community Services, and other partners to hear from Mina Hong and Michigan’s Children their key recommendations for early childhood and education, about how to link our issues to current legislation in motion in Lansing (the 3rd grade reading initiative) and tools for effective advocacy. The group committed to developing a local policy agenda by the first of the year.

With training from Dr. Charlae in the use of one-on-ones to develop relationships and identify self-interest in this work, we moved on to prepare for our issue development and research.

Two issue themes developed that we will study, in relation to K-12 and to Early Childhood:

  1. Current efforts and needs to develop literacy, and
  2. Current efforts and needs to address trauma-related and social-emotional needs of children.

Task force members will begin interviews this month with community members and representatives of organizations that are involved with these efforts and needs.

Want to join the action? Our next meeting is Monday, January 25th, 5:30 to 7 PM at St. Luke’s.