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Anti-Racism Task Force Update

Examining Racial Disparities in Employment: Critical Cultural Competency

4857_antiracismA workshop for Employers and Human Resource Directors

The Anti-Racism Task Force is asking local employers to save May 25!
Thursday, May 25, 9:00am – 4:30pm
Location in Kalamazoo, to be announced

An additional date, probably on a Saturday, is also being explored, so that employers have a choice of dates.

Why is this workshop important for your business?

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  • According to Census Bureau projections, people of color will be the majority population in the United States by 2043.  Who will be your customers?  Who will be your boss?
  • Moving toward racial equity in the workplace is good for business.  Racial inequities lead to increased employee stress and health problems. Racial equity reduces costs and increases productivity.
  • Racial equity also leads to greater diversity among employees and a higher level of cultural competency.  Cultural competency, in turn, leads to the development of new markets and increases in innovation.
[/su_list] Highly regarded anti-racism trainers will lead the workshop.  Please let your employer or Human Resources Director know.

– Teleshia Parker and Andrew Alm, Co-chairs