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Anti-Racism Task Force

Twenty-two members of the newly constituted Anti-Racism Task Force focused on learning at the first meeting of the task force following the Issues Convention.

  • We learned the importance and value of deep listening and how it can connect us to each other.
  • We learned about ISAAC’s 2-year cycle of listening, issue identification, training, research, partnering, advocacy, commitment, action, and evaluation.
  • We explored the differences and synergies between the charitable work of other organizations, and the social justice policy work of ISAAC and other organizations seeking policy change.
  • We shared learnings from our experiences at the ERACCE Health Equity Workshop, notably the definition of racism as race prejudice + misuse of power by institutions and systems, and the serious and negative impact of white privilege on the health of people of color.

Next meeting is Tuesday, December 17, 7pm at St. Luke’s.

– Denise Hartsough, Anti-Racism Task Force member