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Because of These Generous Endowment Donors!

At the December 2017 ISAAC Breakfast where the new Endowment was first announced!

THANKS to all of these very generous donors, the ISAAC Endowment Fund needs only $5,270 more to reach $50,000 and be “fully established”!  With your help, we believe we can reach that goal by December 31!  Then ISAAC will be able to receive interest income from our endowment, or we can let that interest grow our endowment even further for special plans in the future!

If you can, please help us reach $50,000 by December 31!  Send a check or an IRA Charitable Distribution for the ISAAC Endowment Fund (see below) and add your name to this list of very generous donors.

  • River Artz-Iffland
  • Dennis P. Burke and Janice E. Burke
  • Mary B. Carlson
  • Patricia Catellier
  • Andrew Chaponda
  • Charlae M. Davis
  • John F. Davis
  • Robert B. Davis and Barbara J. Davis
  • Vernon Davis and Auga Davis
  • Wendy Flora
  • Tobi Hanna-Davies
  • Robert F. Harrelson and Kathleen M. Harrison
  • Pamela J. Hart and Dennis Hart
  • Denise L. Hartsough and Mark V. Wheeler
  • Emily V. Hazel
  • H.A. Hunt
  • Kalsec, Inc. (Employee Gift Match)
  • Douglas King
  • Mary Ann Lewis
  • Debra Lindstrom
  • Elizabeth S. Upjohn Mason
  • Elena Mireles-Hill and Bryan Hill
  • Regena Nelson and Eric Nelson
  • Larry Oppliger and Kay D. Oppliger
  • Ludwig E. Ouzoonian and Marie A. Ouzoonian
  • Jeni Payton
  • People’s Church
  • George I. Peterson and Amy B. Peterson
  • Paul Schonveld and Donna Schonveld
  • St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church
  • Patricia Stromsta and Scot Stromsta
  • Ray L. Sweany and Ann E. Sweany
  • Richard O. Welch
  • Paula J. Willson and Thomas R. Willson

Gifts of all sizes will help!  Please make your check (or your tax-free IRA Charitable Distribution) to Kalamazoo Community Foundation, designate it for “ISAAC Endowment Fund” and mail it to:

Kalamazoo Community Foundation

402 E. Michigan Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

Or if you like, you can mail or deliver your check to ISAAC, 247 W. Lovell St, Kalamazoo MI 49007, or give it in person to Dr. Charlae Davis, but please make it out to Kalamazoo Community Foundation with “ISAAC Endowment Fund” in the memo space!

THANK YOU very much, to all of you who have already given to the ISAAC Endowment Fund, and to all of you who join us now in this part of our work together to cultivate the Beloved Community.

– Tobi Hanna-Davies, VP for Communications