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Bugs in Our Brains: Changing the World by Changing Our Thinking

ISAAC would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Beth Washington for facilitating an awesome, eye opening and powerful Bias Workshop! Participants learned how to examine human bias, recognize different cultural dimensions, define key terms needed for eliminating racism and oppression and understanding the connection between USA history and structurally disadvantaged communities and populations.  A special thank you to Rev. Joslyn Mason & the Unity of Kalamazoo Family for their hospitality and to Ms. Pat for a wonderful Davis Delectables dinner!

Beth Washington was listed numerous times as an excellent presenter who facilitated an excellent workshop!

After the workshop attendees described they were feeling:

  • Energized
  • Motivated
  • Inspired
  • Informed
  • Excited

Some learnings from attendees included an introduction and enlightenment to:

  • Mind processes
  • Equity & bias
  • Explicit bias and implicit bias
  • How the brain computes information instantly
  • Definitions of terms & concept of Mind Bugs that we all have and can expose and rewire
  • How bias impacts us all whether we want them to or not
  • The human mind sends 11 million bits per second to the brain for processing, yet the conscious mind can only process 50 bits per seconds

Next steps from attendees included:

  • Getting out this information to students in my classes
  • Self-reflection
  • Getting involved with ISAAC
  • Request training with chaplains in the jail
  • Pick up a couple of the books that our facilitator mentioned
  • Pass on information to family and other organizations I’m a part of
  • Continue learning, growing and practicing
  • Study the health needs assessment
  • Address bias when they are expressed
  • Try to be more conscious of my cultural identities and my blind spots