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Culturally Competent, Community Organizing, Leadership Training. Bad weather did not stop us!

ISAAC would like to send a sincere thank you to Rev. Catoya Roberts for facilitating two awesome and powerful trainings for new and veteran ISAAC family members! Participants learned/revisited the principles of organizing, one-on-ones, power analysis and issues planning. A special thank you to Mariam, Dr. Regena and the UUCC Family for their hospitality on Saturday, to Dr. Deb, Emily, Andrew and the Westwood UMC Family for their hospitality on Sunday and to Ms. Pat for wonderful Davis Delectables lunches!

Rev. Catoya was listed numerous times as an excellent presenter who facilitated an excellent workshop!

After the workshop attendees described they were feeling:

  • Excited
  • Inspired
  • Motivated
  • Informed
  • Energized

Some learnings from attendees included an introduction to and revisiting of:

  • Community Organizing steps
  • Trusted 10 exercise and need to expand circle
  • All information reviewing and preparing for future work
  • Importance of shifting the narrative
  • Reaffirmation of the importance of one-on-ones
  • Power analysis and mapping
  • Process of Issues selection
  • Attitudes and disciplines of congregation-based community organizing

Next steps from attendees included:

  • Conducting some intentional one-on-ones connected to my issue
  • Working with the anti-racism task force
  • Participate in additional trainings and meetings of housing advocates
  • Be present and active in ISAAC and in speaking my truth
  • ISAAC working with Rev. Catoya on Issues
  • Getting more involved in the community
  • A more active role with political and city leaders
  • Take what I learned into health equity
  • No going back, we can address the housing disparities in our community

Saturday Photos at UUCC (Unitarian Universalist Community Church)


Sunday Photos at Westwood United Methodist Church


– Elder Doug King, President, and Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director