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Come Vote for ISAAC to Receive Funds!


The Urban Democracy Feast: Supporting Local Social Justice Projects

Saturday, November 12, 2016 at 4:30 pm, at First Congregational Church
Since 2015, a group of community organizations have started a face-to-face crowd funding process. This process occurs over a meal so we can exchange information about shared problems, common obstacles and ways to overcome them. Twice, in May 2015 and again in December of 2015, this urban FEAST raised more than $2,000 to support social justice projects demonstrating direct democracy and accountability.  We define social justice as equal access to all the resources and services. More information about the FEAST and the awardees can be found at
The goal of the organizers is to generate funds that kick start projects. Such group projects submit an application, and four applicants are selected to make a five-minute presentation at the supper. Their presentations will exhibit evidence that they are addressing a shared need, with the support of other groups in the neighborhood, and that the project demonstrates direct democracy.
ISAAC is one of the applicants at the next FEAST, on 12 November 2016, at 1st Congregational Church located at 345 W. Michigan Avenue (Bronson Park). Childcare for toddlers and pre-school children will be available in separate rooms. Tickets are available at the door or at the FEAST website, and with the ticket each attendee will be given a voting ballot. Come eat with us and vote for ISAAC to receive funds!
– Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director