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Even More Endowment Gifts!

Our generous Endowment Fund donors keep on giving! This is truly awesome! We have not only reached the $50,000 needed to become a fully established endowment fund that will provide interest income for ISAAC way into the future, and we have not only reached the $57,175 that we celebrated at the January Leadership Board meeting in the photo above, but we have also received new gifts in 2020 that bring our total to $58,225!

Thank you so very much to these generous 2020 donors for helping to sustain ISAAC for years to come, as we work together to build the Beloved Community:

  • Caroline Ham
  • Yvette Hyter and Santiago Valles
  • St. Martin of Tours Episcopal Church
  • Regena Nelson and Eric Nelson

If you’d like to know about our commitment to “Socially Responsible Investing”, or see the complete list of 2017-2019 ISAAC Endowment Fund donors, or know how to join them, please go to our December ISAAC News:

our goal of $50,000 

– Tobi Hanna-Davies, VP for Communications