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We would like to sincerely thank Dr. J. Louis Felton for his historical, powerful and stirring keynote! Dr. Felton, we in Kalamazoo County are committed to being servant leaders in this fight for justice! The morning following the banquet, Dr. Felton and First Lady Felton verbally sowed into our lives over breakfast as we continued to fellowship and discuss the work of justice. Thank you both so much!

We would like to again thank our Sponsors! We greatly appreciate you and your support of ISAAC!

The Cornerstone Award – Awarded for the sixth year in a row to People’s Church Unitarian Universalist. Thank you for your outstanding generosity, year after year, and your energetic commitment to our work together as ISAAC, to build a more just community. Your leadership shines throughout our work. Thank you for being a Cornerstone of ISAAC!

The Cornerstone Award – Awarded for the sixth year in a row to Kalamazoo Public Schools! Thank you for your commitment, year after year, to the work of building a more just community; for your strong support this past year for the Vote YES for Kids campaign; and for your partnership with ISAAC every year since 2003, on advocacy for greater investment in Early Childhood Education and K-12 Education. We are deeply grateful.

The Community Builder Award – Awarded on June 30, 2016, to Attorney Dorphine Payne. Thank you for your generosity in supporting ISAAC’s work for social justice! Thank you for being a Kalamazoo County Community Builder and Leader! We are deeply grateful.

A huge thank you to our awesome media sponsor, Midwest Communications!


A sincere thank you to the Downtown Kalamazoo Radisson for hosting our Keynote Speaker, Rev. Dr. J. Louis Felton and First Lady Priscilla Felton.


We would like to immensely thank our Grantors who have partnered with us on this vital work of justice!

– Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director