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Anti-Racism Task Force News

As the ISAAC Public Meeting gets closer, it is time for our task force to select our first issue. Over the past several months our focus has been on understanding how racism plays out in our community and what different organizations are doing to address it.

We have been conducting power one-on-ones with community members and leaders to inquire about the work that is already being done and to ask how we can strengthen this work through a policy lens. We have learned that racism touches every part of our community. As a new task force, it is important that we focus on one issue for the upcoming year–something that will have the greatest impact in our community.

This is the goal for our next meeting, to select on issue to put our attention towards. We hope that everyone who has been involved in this process so far will join us Tuesday, August 16th at 6:30pm at St. Luke’s to make this important decision! If you are new to our task force, you are welcome to join us as well!

We are excited for October 6th and ISAAC’s Public Meeting!

– Andrew Alm and Teleshia Parker (Co-Chairs)