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Housing Equity Ordinance passed unanimously Sept. 8!

BRAVO to Vice Mayor Patrese Griffin!  THANK YOU for bringing Housing Equity to our community!  People with housing vouchers, or an eviction or past conviction, can no longer be automatically rejected when they apply for a place to call home. They will now get a fair chance for housing, with consideration for their individual situations.  This is transformational!

BRAVO and THANK YOU to our City Staff for working so hard to support the Vice Mayor’s vision with many carefully considered details:

BRAVO and THANK YOU to the Mayor and City Commissioners for sharing her vision and understanding that individual consideration of applicants already works for many of our landlords.

BRAVO and THANK YOU to Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation (TRHT) for helping landlords understand how important individual consideration is, instead of blanket rejection of all people with housing vouchers, past evictions and convictions.

BRAVO and THANK YOU to our own Dr. Charlae who worked tirelessly with the Vice Mayor and TRHT.

BRAVO and THANK YOU to everyone on the Housing Task Force, for being so faithful to the Vice Mayor’s vision for two whole years!   Without our powerful presentation at the ISAAC 2018 Public Meeting, and our constant support ever since, this Housing Equity Ordinance would probably not have been possible!

BRAVO and THANK YOU to everyone who supports ISAAC. The power of all of us coming together as an interfaith community organizing network–with so many congregations and organizations working together to build the Beloved Community–is transforming our community!

Here’s Second Wave Media’s excellent coverage: “Fair Housing Ordinance passes unanimously in Kalamazoo”