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Vote YES on “Kalamazoo County Housing Proposal”

How can people “stay home” during the pandemic if they don’t have a home?  How can children do school online “from home” if they don’t have a home?

Turn your ballot over! Vote YES on the “Kalamazoo County Housing Proposal” at the very end of your ballot!  Just 10 cents a day if you have a home worth $100,000–small change will make a big impact!

“Vote Yes for Kids” that passed in 2015 has helped over 500 homeless families with children in the schools all across Kalamazoo County, but it only helps school-aged children’s families, and it expires next year!

“Homes for All” will replace “Vote Yes for Kids” and expand it. “Homes for All” will also help homeless families with younger children, homeless veterans, older adults and people with disabilities, and “essential workers” risking their lives but struggling to afford a place to call home.  “Homes for All” will include not only rental assistance and self-sufficiency plans, but also renovation of blighted homes, construction of new homes that fit in wherever they’re needed, and paths to first-time homeownership for county residents

ISAAC is one of many endorsers of “Homes for All”.  See the videos at from  endorsing organizations–including Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director of ISAAC, and Stephanie Hoffman, co-chair of the ISAAC & TRHT Housing Task Force, Executive Director of Open Doors Kalamazoo, and one of the co-chairs of the “Homes for All” campaign along with Portage City Council Member Chris Burns and Kalamazoo County Public Housing Commission Chair David Artley.

Go to for more info or to make a donation to help reach countywide voters, and click on Community Endorsement Form to add your congregation or organization’s name:  [Please NOTE: Congregations and 501(c)3s MAY support Community Ballot Proposals, though they may NOT support candidates or political parties.]

Everyone deserves a place to call home.  Thank you for supporting “Homes for All” every way you can.

– Tobi Hanna-Davies, Housing Task Force co-chair