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ISAAC – Racial Healing and Action Video Part 3

Kalamazoo Community
Stand United with ISAAC Against Racism
September 2, 2015 at 6:30pm
Second Baptist Church

As so eloquently spoken by Ms. Sneha Patel, “The time is now!”

Kalamazoo, September 2nd, 6:30pm at Second Baptist Church, please join ISAAC as we take a united stand and action against racism. We as a community have the power to make a change!

A huge thank you to Mayor Bobby Hopewell, Vice Mayor David Anderson,Shannon Sykes, Meyers Mayim, Rev. Dr. Randall Warren, Lauren Fitzmaurice, Fernando Ospina, Mark Campbell, Sneha CP, Dr. Renee Lee Gardner, Leona Carter and Kevin Lavender Jr.. for your powerful voices!

We are called to action!