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Jobs Presentation Report

IMG_2132Steve Barber

The importance of “Jobs” in our world was presented.  “Who you are” is often defined by what you do.  Jobs are connected to a persons self-esteem, self-concept, etc.

Unfortunately there are barriers that prevent good people, good workers from getting jobs.  These barriers are misleading, prejudicial and related to assumptions regarding education, commitment, ability, literacy, cultural differences, and a criminal record.

Mr. Marcus Collins shared his struggle getting a job after being involved in a minor theft committed by his friends when he was 15 — that resulted in a conviction that prevented Mr. Collins from finding employment for 11 years, 6 months and 23 days, and 232 job applications!  Mr. Collins’ story is a powerful one of a young man from a hard-working American family, who demonstrated his ability and willingness to work hard, but still could not get a job.