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Message from the President & Executive Director


In this video, Martin Luther King Jr, spoke of The Beloved Community, which while not devoid of conflict, is free of violence. It is a place in which our deepest values of abundance, equity, community, hope, and most of all love are infused into our policies and practices, so that every individual is held as beloved.

As chosen by community members in 2017, ISAAC is focusing on issues in Kalamazoo County around poverty, racism, violence and housing.

Many may argue Kalamazoo is a wonderful place to live. However, Kalamazoo is not the Beloved Community for all.  Not every person in Kalamazoo is yet held as beloved! Our work continues…

Join us for our ISAAC Public Meeting on October 25th, 6pm, at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. We will stand united as a community to cultivate the Beloved Community through policy and practice changes. Together and in faith we can do anything!

 – Elder Doug King, President and Dr. Charlae Davis, Executive Director