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Your presence is important at the Public Meeting October 25!

ISAAC Public Meetings in the past have been key to a long list of accomplishments with our partner agencies: Sunday buses and late night buses added by Metro; “Vote Yes for Kids” millage for families with kids in the schools to have a place to call home; “Group Violence Intervention” by KDPS and community leaders together; the FUSE initiative at Bronson Healthcare for frequent users of the emergency department; Trauma-Informed care; Kalamazoo County Ready 4s; Nurse-Family Partnership and much more!

This year our priorities are Anti-Racism, Anti-Poverty, and Affordable Housing.

Come to the ISAAC Public Meeting on October 25 for lively presentations on ways to create equity and opportunity for everyone, and for specific commitments from leaders to make serious progress. If the faith community turns out in large numbers it will give community leaders the support they need to make the system work for everyone–for building the Beloved Community!  Please be there!

ISAAC 2018 Public Meeting 

Thursday evening, October 25
6:00 Doors open for registration and inspiring entertainment
6:45 Program
Mount Zion Baptist Church
120 Roberson at North Burdick (across from the Family Health Center), Kalamazoo 49007

What is an ISAAC public meeting like?  It’s a once-every-two-years powerful community event inspired by our faith values of equity for all God’s children.  It gives public officials, candidates, and other community leaders the support they need to make changes that will build a more just community.

What will happen at the public meeting? Our three task forces—Anti-Racism, Anti-Poverty and Affordable Housing—will give lively presentations on needed changes of policy or practice at the city, township, county or state level, or in our other institutions, that the task forces have been discerning all year.  At the end of each presentation, public officials, candidates or other community leaders give brief responses–to questions about policy changes that the task forces have already asked them to come and support.  Then we celebrate with prayer and music!

Who are the members of the task forces?  Members of many of our 29 member congregations and organizations joined our three task forces after our top priorities were chosen at our Issues Convention a year ago. Other community members are welcome as well, so the task forces also include people with expertise from our partner agencies or local government or other congregations.

Why is it important for me and my congregation or organization to come? To be a part of the Beloved Community that ISAAC is building.  To show the power for change that we have together.  To give our public officials, candidates and community leaders the support they need, and hold them accountable, for taking the lead on working for a more just community.

Your presence is important at the Public Meeting October 25!

 – Tobi Hanna-Davies, VP for Communications